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5 Reasons To Be Proud on Geek Pride Day


Geek Pride DayI came across this article on  I’ve listed the five reasons below, but follow the link to the article for a description behind each as well as a history of Geek Pride Day.

1. We are Passionate

2. We’re Smart

3. We Make Stuff

4. We have a Rich Culture

5. We Have A Long History

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The Big Thrill…

International Thriller Writers

International Thriller Writers

I`m pleased to announce that I am now a contributing editor for THE BIG THRILL, a monthly webzine brought to you by the International Thriller Writers (a wonderful organization of which I`m a member).  The Big Thrill brings you info on the newest thrillers coming out every month and interviews with the authors behind your favorite books.  This coming month, you can expect to find an article from me about Dennis Tafoya and his new book, The Wolves of Fairmount Park.  I`ll post a link to my articles on this site, but be sure to sign up for The Big Thrill by following the link found below.

The Ark by Boyd Morrison – Average Guy Review

The Ark by Boyd Morrison

The Ark by Boyd Morrison

You can usually find a great number of novels about any given subject, especially a lost treasure.  But sometimes a story comes along that emerges as the definitive work on a particular topic.  A few examples off the top of my head would be Raiders of the Lost Ark (it would take a dramatically new and skillful interpretation to top Indiana Jones, likely never happen, this was about the Ark of the Covenant NOT Noah’s Ark) and The Loch by Steve Alten (a great story and theory about the Loch Ness Monster).  As a writer, after reading and seeing these stories, the chapter seemed to be closed for me on these topics.  I now feel the same about Noah’s Ark.  Boyd Morrison’s interpretation is so good that there’s little hope of topping it.

Aaron’s iPad Review



I would like to preface my comments below by saying that I’ve been using the iPad for several weeks now and have tried to address some iPad complaints that I’ve heard. Also, I’ve tried to build some comprehensive thoughts about how the iPad functions under several different environments including the business and personal consumer spaces. So to my thoughts…

Usability and Accessories:

Dragon Skin – Aaron’s Research


During the course of researching my novels, I find lots of interesting info and learn about lots of cool subjects.  If I find it interesting, I figure that maybe you will as well…

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